Since the inception in 1951, JOWISSA’s principal aim has been to produce interesting Swiss watches at an attractive price level. This focus resulted in the creation of watches of high quality in combination with aesthetic designs. JOWISSA timepieces are reliable for daily wear while at the same time allow owners with sensitivity for style and fashion to emphasize their individuality.

JOWISSA watches embody a fusion of different design aspects with top quality materials and excitingly vivid colors. This combination glamorizes the collection. Fashion-conscious people appreciate the high recognition value of JOWISSA watches and the fact that our pieces of jewelry match even with the most outstanding personal looks.

As a brand with deep roots in Swiss watchmaking history not only do we emphasize highest quality standards but we also provide a high level of customer service. It is the principal aim of our engaged team to assure that our customers remain happy with their JOWISSA watch even years after a purchase.

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