Porsche Design. A brand that reflects both its origins and its philosophy in the name. Established in 1972, the designers have ever since drawn inspiration from Porsche’s performance in motorsports. The defining elements are design competence, technical thinking and the transfer of technology from sports car construction to watch development. A philosophy that can be traced back to company founder Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer of the legendary Porsche 911 and countless other racing cars; a philosophy which is still being honoured to this day. Certain innovations and key movements in racing car construction have also found their way into the design philosophy of Porsche Design, such as the selection of new types of materials for weight reduction or matte black fittings to avoid reflections. Since day one, the aim has always been to think one step further, to re-evaluate new technologies and to drive developments forward – in other words, to question the status quo. This is what makes Porsche Design watches not just first-class timepieces, but precision tools.

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