For several generations the diamond polishers at GASSAN Diamonds have perfected the art of creating optimal reflection to the brilliant cut diamond. The polishers work on the symmetry of the diamonds and the immaculate finish of each of the fifty-seven facets with only one goal in mind: perfect beauty. Undoubtedly this tradition will be continued for many generations to come. However, in an effort to extract more sparkle from a brilliant cut diamond, GASSAN Diamonds has recently introduced an even more breathtaking cut: the GASSAN121®. This brand new cut has one hundred and twenty one facets: sixteen additional facets on the top and forty eight extra on the bottom in comparison to the traditional round brilliant cut. According to a report of the WTOCD (a department of the High Council of Diamonds in Antwerp) the placement of the additional facets strongly emphasizes the contrast between the light and dark parts of the diamond. 121 facets, this makes the overall appearance of the GASSAN121® even more spectacular. At GASSAN Diamonds we continue promoting the beautiful traditional round brilliant cut, and in addition we proudly present the next step in perfection represented by the GASSAN121®.

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