Kirchhofer Magazine

Since 2008, the Kirchhofer magazine is published annually and focuses on various watch brands, stories and innovations in the world of luxury timepieces. The publication provides watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts such as collectors detailed information on selected models and provides a professional and knowledgeable insight into the development of the Swiss watch industry. Each issue features special pages about the Jungfrau Region, its excursions and activities.

Frequency of Publication: annually
Volume: 144 Pages
Circulation: 31’000 copies
Publication Languages: German, English, Chinese, Korean
Publisher: Jürg Kirchhofer
Coordination: Angela Schläppi
Design & Typesetting: Aniko Bernhardt

TOP Magazine

The TOP Magazine is the new Magazine at top level. The publisher’s objective is to create a magazine in an exclusive design, covering a wide spectrum of interesting topics.

Frequency of Publication: annually
Volume: 88 Pages
Circulation: 40’000 copies
Publication Languages: German and English
Marketing & Concept: Hubert Hasler
Coordination: Hans Zurbuchen
Design & Typesetting: Aniko Bernhardt