Founded in 1988, the Claude Meylan brand has secured its rightful place amongst the prestigious “watchmaking families” from Vallée de Joux. The names of our collections, “Lac” (Lake), “Lionne” (Name of the river) and “l'Abbaye” (the Abbey), reflect our geographic roots. These unique watches showcase the Maison’s authenticity and know-how. The Claude Meylan brand has become an expert in the art of crafting high-quality Swiss movements (ETA and Valjoux) with a skeleton design. TORTUE DE JOUX, our flagship model, is the perfect example of this. Its traditional tortoise shape houses a fine, fully skeletonised movement. The Claude Meylan maison is daring, constantly coming up with original and innovative ideas to expand its horizons. Always looking to create new technologies as well as historic and legendary pieces, CLAUDE MEYLAN offers an exceptional range of traditional and reliable movements. As you enter our world, you will discover the CLAUDE MEYLAN collection. Each piece embodies the Maison's boundless passion, showcasing new ways to measure time. Classic and contemporary shapes and architectures fuse to create pieces defined by charm and elegance. If you are a watch connoisseur and unconditional admirer of one-of-a-kind timepieces, CLAUDE MEYLAN presents you an exceptional selection of rare and historic movements whose legend will withstand the test of time.

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